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Years after the drywall is installed, you will start to see damages. If the damage is small, you could try repairing it by yourself. But if the damage is already big and complicated, it is wise to leave the drywall repair to the experts. Matt Mischke Drywall LLC is a drywall contractor with 15 years of experience. Although we opened our company in 2006, we have been in the industry even before that. Our experience in handling any type of drywall damage has made us one of the go-to contractors in Spokane, WA and the neighboring cities.

Installation of drywall. Workers are using screws and a screwdriver to attach plasterboard to the ceiling.

We Protect Your Investment

When the drywall was installed in your house, you have invested in it with the hope that it will last for a long time. Once it gets damaged, you want it to be repaired properly. That is something that we can give to you. We understand that you want to protect your investment and enjoy it as long as you are supposed to. This is the reason we have also invested in the training of our drywall specialists. We want to make sure they are effective in their job. We do not want to rely on their skills only. We want their skills to be honed so we make sure they are well-trained. If there are new repair methods, especially with the advances in technology, we make sure we are part of that.

We Work Around Your Budget

As a drywall contractor with years of experience, we know why homeowners will try to repair the drywall themselves. They think that our service fee is off the charts. That is something that we do not have in Matt Mischke Drywall LLC. We can work around your budget because we offer our services at fair and competitive rates. You do not have to break the bank to avail our services. If you let us do the job, you can be assured of a lasting result. You will get the most out of what you will be paying us.

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When it comes to drywall repair, we are the drywall contractor you can rely on in Spokane, WA. Call us right away at (509) 499-5929.

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