Professional Residential Drywall Contractor Vs. DIY

Thinking of Saving Money and Going down the DIY Route?

Drywall is a material that’s regularly used in construction. It is made using hardened sheets of gypsum and water, which are then placed between layers of paper. A residential drywall contractor uses this material to build the likes of walls and ceilings, and could even use it to perform other building jobs like door and hardware installations. A drywall contractor could work in a residential or commercial setting or even both, either as a subcontractor or as a general construction service.

To fully comprehend what they do, you first need to understand the installation process. To start with, all walls will be framed with either metal or wooden studs that are placed according to the project diagrams. Then, the installers will cut the drywall in order for it to properly fit into space and holes have to be cut, so the likes of pipes or mechanical equipment will be safely hidden. Lastly, the drywall will be fastened to the studs using a method known as hanging. Usually, the entire process will be done by the same team of installers.

Once all the drywall is in place, it then must be professionally finished. The finishing could mean mudding, taping, or sanding the drywall, so it can be painted afterward. It does take some skill and experience to be able to properly finish drywall, so this will generally be performed by a finisher. They will use a joint compound or spackle in order to hide the drywall seams, in addition to any slight imperfections. They will then apply multiple spackle coats, using layers of tape in between. Then, every layer will be sanded down in order to create a smoother surface.

Usually, a drywall installer will also be responsible for any ceiling installations. A drywall ceiling will be hung and finished in the same manner as the walls. However, this hanging and finishing will take a few stages to do. Drywall installers can also install ceiling grids or acoustical tiles. Any installer can do this type of job, but hangers and framers will be the ones performing most of the work. The finishers are those who will add the finishing touches.

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